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Experts in your baby’s rest.

When babies arrive in our lives, the first thing we want is for them to eat and sleep well so they can grow up healthy and strong.

There is not much we can do regarding nutrition, but what we can take care of is their rest.

We’ve created BabyWool, a product line designed to improve the rest of our little ones.

It consists of a line to pamper them inside and outside home based on all the properties we know about wool.


For all those who still don’t know about these fantastic properties, let us make a quick summary:

100% natural material

Controls humidity

Regulates bodytemperature

Absorbs sweat and prevents odors

Helps to minimize pressure points

Helps to improve circulation

It stays clean thanks to its own natural fat (Lanolin)

It is hypoallergenic

Less bacteria and dustmites are found

Prevents skin irritation

Thanks to all of these properties a deeper sleep is achieved for babies.